Wheel Alignment

Tyre Devotion at our workshop in Kemnay have the very latest Jim Beam 4 wheel laser Alignment Equipment.

Wheel alignment is an essential vehicle service which ensures your car operates with maximum efficiency, comfort and safety. It achieves this by making sure all of your wheels point in exactly the right direction in relation to each other and your direction of travel.

Why does my car need a 4 wheel alignment?

Have you ever noticed your tyres wearing on one side? Does your car feels as if it pulls to one side? Or do you feel your steering wheel isn’t straight?

These are all signs of misalignment and often lead to higher running costs as your tyres need replacing sooner or your fuel bills will be increased.

Misalignment can easily occur by Hitting a kerb, driving over a pothole or simple day to day wear and tear can cause your car suffering from misalignment.

What are the benefits of a wheel alignment?

By having your car properly aligned, you will benefit in a number of ways:

  1. Improved tyre life – misalignment is a major cause of uneven or premature tyre wear. Correct alignment can significantly extend the life of your tyres
  2. Improved fuel consumption – cars suffering from misalignment will have a higher fuel consumption as their wheels ‘drag’ along the road surface. Correctly setting the wheels straight reduces this resistance and gives you more miles per tank.
  3. Greener motoring – with improved fuel consumption and lower tyre wear, your impact on the environment will also be improve your own personal Carbon Footprint, by emitting less CO2 emissions.
  4. Save money – by extending the life of your tyres and improving your fuel consumption, correct alignment will help lower your motoring costs.
  5. Better handling – with the car’s geometry set as the vehicle manufacturer intended, wheel alignment can help correct many handling problems and deliver a more enjoyable driving experience.

Call today to make a booking for our alignment centre in Kemnay and let us check your car to ensure it is set up correctly.

Our Alignment Centre in Kemnay is only available by appointment only.